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Application for Forward Thinking Pharmacies

Gain Competitve Edge

Our fully customized mobile application allows forward thinking specialty pharmacies to gain a competitive edge:

  • Uninterrupted quality of care via direct access;

  • Real-time and immediate access to shared:

    • Clinical Care Plans;

    • Medication Therapy Management;

    • Progress Notes;

    • Patient History, Drug Information, Recommendations and Interventions;

  • Adherence reporting such as MPR;

  • Providers and pharmacies are able to reach their patients in real time:

    • All participants have access to the application - 24/7/365;

    • Able to reach patients to coach and educate;

    • Interactive communication to improve adherence and outcomes as well as reduce costs;

  • Remote patient monitoring via text message alerts;

  • Integration with tablets and smartphones for field work forces like nurse educators and sales representatives enabling real time access and interaction wherever they may be.


"My office has recently implemented the RXSpaces application for use in our offices on our mobile devices.  I have to say that this application has proven to be incredibly useful and helpful to my staff during and after working hours.  They no longer have to spend hours on the phone tracking down patients, their prescriptions, prior authorizations, and status.  All relevant information is available to doctors, office staff, nurses,  and pharmacies and can be shared securely via this application.  My patients now receive updates and reminders on a regular basis.  This has improved their adherence rates and has helped create a more streamlined communication between doctor and patient.  I would recommend this application to all my colleagues – it has been a great help in improving our patients’ lives and improved the workflow in our office."


Anna K.

GI Specialists Office Administrator


Login: testdr         Password: 123123

PHONE: 913-558-3103


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